In those days during this campaign in the Zaragoza Conspiracy, Cardinal Stella created a position that did not exist, tailored to Fernando Chica: advisor to the president of the Ecclesiastical Academy.

Jacques Pintor

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My Roman source explained to me,

"Fernando Chica will collaborate as an attaché to the Conspiracy because of his friendship with Germán Arana in the operation against Monsignor Ureña, and he does so without his superiors knowing. That is why he is transferred to the FAO. In Spain, he had been vetoed by Monsignor Rouco-Varela, so he stood chances to be Nuncio at this time. Cardinal Stella, still president of the Ecclesiastical Academy, takes Chica with him to the Academy. He also has a vital position in the Secretariat of State, where he was head of the Spanish Section, and Stella creates for him the position of assistant to the president of the diplomat's Academy. Cardinal Stella is the courier. The letters forged and offered by Germán Arana, with the information provided by Arana's spies inside the offices of the archbishopric of Zaragoza, reach Pope Francis through Stella.
"Stella later has a meeting with Arana. The catalyst for this meeting is Monsignor Elias Yanes (RIP). Arana is put where he is by Monsignor Elias Yanes. Arana has a secret meeting with Elias Yanes and Stella at the Jesuit general curia in Borgo del Sancto Espirito in Rome about an eight-minute walk from St. Peter's Square in the Vatican. Monsignor Fernando Chica is the bridge. He wants to become a bishop, and he knows that it is better to disappear from everyone's sight, like Stella, who wants to be Pope. Ecco, Stella wants to be Pope, and also Omella, ecco. But the cardinals know that Omella is of limited intelligence, as they say, a silly cow. Chica never appeared at the Wednesday audience, his appointment as bishop depends on it. One day he comes down, and the Pope takes him to breakfast at the end, and tey leave together. What a big mistake!, gosh, all his fellow students at the Academy know that Chica has violated the protocol, and his direct head is cardinal Parolín. When all this comes to light, Fernando Chica loses the favor of his brothers. How sad, without being an archbishop or a bishop!".

I wrote about this on the Internet portal Periodista Digital in July 2019.


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