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"A democratic society cannot exist without a free, independent, and diverse press." — Kofi Annan (1938), the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations and 2001 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As we delve into an in-depth analysis of the implications this event may have on the Spanish Church, we spotlight a story that has seized public attention today, February 8, 2024. Vicente López-Brea, a former priest, has been directly appointed as the Health Director for Calatayud.
Calatayud, Spain — CHA (Aragonese Council) demands an explanation for the appointment of Vicente López-Brea as the management director of the Calatayud healthcare sector.
We invite you to explore this link above in the Spanish Press, providing detailed information about López-Brea, who was frequently seen at sexual meeting places shortly before his ordination. This priest has neglected over fifteen parishes under his charge in Jaca while pursuing law studies and internships in Zaragoza, in addition to aiming for an auxiliary position in the Aragón public health system. We have previously reported on the lawsuit filed by the priest against journalist Jordi Picazo, demanding two years of imprisonment, €100,000 in damages, and a €30,000 fine. This sum has been seized due to his revelation of Vicente Jesús López-Brea Urbán's double life. The defense for López-Brea and the legal pursuit against the journalist were recently managed by the renowned firm Cremades Calvo-Sotelo. The presiding judge, citing accusations of homophobia against both the Church and Picazo, issued an order to silence the journalist and facilitate López-Brea's rise in public administration through direct appointments. We will continue to cover this story. Meanwhile, Cardinal Juan José Omella, president of the Episcopal Conference, has moved the friend bishop of the oversexualized priest and now Health Director of the Public Health Service of an entire administrative region in Spain, Calatayud, Bishop Julián Ruiz Martorell, to a lesser diocese away from Huesca, preventing his testimony as a witness claimed by journalist Jordi Picazo. Similarly, Cardinal Omella has relocated another witness summoned by Picazo, Monsignor Fernando Arregui, former rector of the Zaragoza seminary, to live and work at the Vatican for the same reason. The maneuvers of the corrupt Spanish Church and the PP (the center-right Popular Party) are peculiar if unexplained, considering the oversexualized priest ordained against Canon Law is working very close geographically with his bishop friend. Monsignor Arregui had warned Bishop Julián Ruiz Martorell that he could not ordain López-Brea due to his licentious life.

In a previous Blog entry, we had already revealed screenshots of the secular life advertisements circulated by (former?) Reverend Vicente López-Brea Urbán, showcasing his mortgage law practices at a law firm to the detriment of the parishes he left behind, pending the resolution of the trial where he himself sued journalist Jordi Picazo for disclosing his breach of Canon Law by being ordained by his bishop, Julián Ruiz Martorell, despite warnings from notable Zaragoza priests, including former seminary rector, Fernando Arregui. This was for choosing a life of playful and unrestrained gay sex, incompatible with his clerical calling. His attorney is from the Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Group, showcasing blatant cynicism.

We have also detailed how, through Cardinal Omella's initiative, efforts have been made to protect Bishop Julián Ruiz-Martorell and Fernando Arregui. One was moved to another diocese and the other sent to live in the Vatican, aiming to prevent their testimonies in the upcoming March trial regarding these issues.

Happy reading.

Yanelis Tovar

1. LinkedIn profile of the (former?) Rev. Vicente López-Brea [this profile is public and intended for widespread reading].
2. Details from the Piqueras Lawyers of Zaragoza page where his profile appeared, while the diocese misled the faithful about who was managing the 15 parishes neglected by López-Brea.

1. From Priest to Health Executive. LinkedIn profile of the (former?) Rev. Vicente López-Brea [this profile is public and intended for widespread reading].

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Remarkably, the (former?) priest represented by Cremades & Calvo Sotelo described his role with the Huesca-Jaca Diocese as that of an administrative worker. Despite being in charge of more than 15 parishes, as we will show, he engaged in lobbying efforts with civil entities to secure funds for the Diocese's heritage and the upkeep of rural churches. It is also noteworthy that while typical university internships last about 150 hours for an online university such as UNIR within a semester, López-Brea has described his tenure with the Piqueras law firm as lasting one year and two months, and as a trainee, not as a student intern.


2. Details from the Piqueras Lawyers of Zaragoza page where his profile appeared, while the diocese misled the faithful about who was managing the 15 parishes neglected by López-Brea.

Please, refer to the article in Spanish for access to the whole wealth of links to other publications and documents. To be continued with the transcript of the discussions with the journalist revealing his departure from priesthood, a fact not publicly disclosed by the Huesca-Jaca Diocese.

Jacques Pintor, journalist © 2024 JACQUES PINTOR. Any reference to this article must directly mention this blog entry and the author, Yanelis Tovar. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, DATA, OR CORRECTIONS, please contact


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