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It is impossible, at a certain age and in a normal state of mental and emotional health, to doubt that what has been recounted so far in this Blog ends here. No. The inevitable consequence is that violence begets violence, and terrorism, whether political or religious, begets terrorism.

We are continuing to see that more things are happening, and that those who want power to continue to seek more power, in a sickening frenzy. Our protagonists are not lacking in this evil, and in finding themselves also with the natural fruits of the poison they sow. This fruit will sometimes be sheer woodworm and other times the fruit of having done things badly for the simple reason of no longer having any room in their grey matter other than for debauchery and greed.

The Barcelona seminary in a free-fall

This Friday, November 22, 2019, some graffiti appeared on the walls of the conciliar seminary of Barcelona, the seedbed of vocations to the priesthood in the Catalan diocese. The graffiti targets the rector, but the serious responsibility lies with the one who appointed him and who is keeping him there, for heterodox reasons, so as not to make a bad impression by showing everyone that his decision for a rector lasted a year before it proved disastrous. And the one who put him there is no other than Cardinal Omella, copying the model of Zaragoza in his own diocese. We will go through the embarrassing comparisons between the former diocese of Omella and his personal politics in Barcelona in a later post.

A person I trust tells me that:

It seems that the Movements [of the Church] that were bringing in vocations have not brought any to the seminary [in Barcelona] this year because they have been aware for months of the problem that the current rector has with alcohol.
The complaints are echoed to Omella. But he is not acting because it is a bad time to admit that he was wrong to appoint this man for the post.
To control the situation, Omella has sent Mossèn Bernardo Gimeno Capín, a good man, to control the rector Felipe Julio Rodríguez. But things have not improved. And this bomb is going to explode on cardinal Omella at any moment.
Exactly one year ago the blog Germinans Germinabit reported on the Hallowe’en night held at the seminary [in Barcelona] with the queimada and spell of the witches who were invoked by the rector.
The spell, although inappropriate, could be considered a joke. But the drunkenness of the rector and of some seminarians was a scandal.
It is not good for Cardinal Omella, now that he is preparing his candidacy for president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, if the scandal of the alcoholic rector explodes.

Nor is it the first time he has sent someone, now Mossèn Bernardo Gimeno Capín, to see if he can cover up the " torn pieces.

The Metastasis of Church corruption. Omella's race to the presidency of the CEE, the Spanish Episcopal Conference

Cardinal Juan José Omella from Teruel in Spain now has his head set on his career to become president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference. Certainly, Germán Arana, his partner in the Zaragoza Plot, will help him with his usual trafficking of influences. Omella is approaching the end of his mandate. This gives him peace on the one hand. As it is known, he has commented this to some of his stunned priests, in the context that by the time he gets out of the appeal he is still facing, his episcopal mandate will be over. But he is worried about going higher and higher. In Rome it is known that he would like to be Pope. Perhaps he should learn from St. Philip Neri, who answered to one who suggested that in Rome he would make a career that... "I prefer Paradise". But in Rome, a Vatican prelate told us, "they know that Omella is daft", as we reported in another Entry.

Neither Germán Arana nor Cardinal Omella seem to have learned the first relevant phrases that our beloved Pope Francis pronounced in a discourse at the Ecclesiastical Academy where the Nuntios are formed in 2013:

"One must be free of personal ambitions or goals, it's important to me, it's important. Professionalism is a leprosy, a leprosy. Please: there is no profession".

Pope Francis, speech to the Ecclesiastical Academy, June 6, 2013

In addition, Jesuit German Arana is a member of the commission for the admission of students to the Academy. He was appointed by Cardinal Stella. Everything stays at home. In his own home.


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