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Here we offer one of the sheets of paper put in Jacques Pintor's mailbox in Zaragoza at the end of 2020, as part of the harassment he suffers, as we reported in a recent post (see by clicking here), a few weeks after being watched by Ferrer and Amador and after they stayed for a long time in front of his house. This particular was made known to the Court of Aragon, as we will show, as part of the appeal filed against the acquittal of Ferrer for assaulting Jacques Pintor. Among the several anonymous folios placed in Jacques Pintor's mailbox, this was a unique folio of the series, the folio preceding this one was not included in what is a testimony written by XY.

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Jacques Pintor

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- Javier Belda, accused of corruption of minors in the anonymous letters sent by Mari Carmen Amador all over Zaragoza 
- A secret report delivered to Mr. Vicente Jimenez upon his arrival

Father Belda, accused of having kissed with confirmation girls, corruption of minors in the anonymous letters sent by Mari Carmen Amador all over Zaragoza

This written testimony, which also appears in the secret dossier delivered to Bishop Jimenez upon his arrival in the Diocese at the end of 2014, a dossier that was found in parts in the computer assigned to Mari Carmen Amador in the archbishopric, says:

"I also want to say that there was a priest, D. Javier Belda, brought from the Diocese of Murcia by D. Manuel and ordained by him, who kissed with the girls of confirmation catechesis, minors, and I saw this in the parish of the Sacred Heart. This priest boasted that he had D. Manuel eating in his hand. XY."

It is not strange that this behavior of Javier Belda did not transcend much, since one of the parish priests with whom Javier Belda served after being ordained as a priest in Zaragoza, with whom he was at odds, was discovered regularly attending gay saunas in Zaragoza. Belda acted as D. Manuel Ureña's computer detective to clear up the rumors, and posing as a gay man on the Internet, he obtained photographs of erotic games of the aforementioned rector in public in dens of perdition. He was immediately fired by D. Manuel. We will talk about it in a later entry.

A secret report was given to D. Vicente Jimenez upon his arrival

This folio that we bring today to the attention of the much-respected reader of this Blog, is not new. It was delivered as part of a secret folder to the new Archbishop, D. Vicente Jimenez Zamora upon his arrival, a dossier that is known to some, among whom are on the one hand those who are neutral in the Ureña case and who have kept silent and have seen their bishop crushed by the greed and ambition of high ecclesiastics, and on the other hand those who have forged the lies that have led to the destruction of D. Manuel Ureña Pastor. At the same time, the dossier remains an enigma for the majority.

With the delivery of this Dossier, some wanted to poison the arrival of D. Vicente, who only had time to give a few blows against the "TRAMA MAÑA" to, immediately, bow his head and break his promise to the parishioners, the citizens of Zaragoza and Spain to clarify the truth.

These anonymous letters that we will be presenting in due time, and many more, had been found in the computer assigned in the archbishopric to Mari Carmen Amador, and this was the reason for her dismissal. The official reason for Amador's dismissal was that she was habitually late for work, violated secrets, and engaged in libelous and slanderous activities (see here this information in a prestigious Spanish newspaper, among dozens). Subsequently, however, a settlement was reached and the dismissal was declared unjustified, which provided Amador with tens of thousands of Euros in compensation. Like the former gay deacon of Zaragoza, Daniel Peruga, Amador took a sum of money, equivalent in her case to the salary of more than a year of work, while Peruga took into his pocket the salary equivalent to about ten years of a priest's basic salary, as reported in the Spanish press. In addition to all this, Peruga took with him a professional recommendation of good ability and good conduct signed by the rector of the seminary. Barco and Ureña, by contrast, were thrown into the rubbish dump amid the laughter of many of their hierarchs and fellow priests.

It is not a surprise that there was an official, and a real, reasons for expelling Mari Carmen Amador from her position as a notary of the Diocese before the act of conciliation, since there was also one for the expulsion of Don Manuel Ureña: for Amador the real one was the one indicated by the Spanish press above, and after the conciliation, it was the non-understanding between both parties, demonstrated by the crossed denunciations.

For Don Manuel Ureña, the real reason for his expulsion was the deception of Pope Francis by Cardinal Stella, Cardinal Omella, the Jesuit Arana, and the collaboration of the useful fools Amador, Más, and Ferrer: the pack of lies elaborated by Ferrer, Amador, and Antonio Más, with the help of young homosexuals who were used under promises of benefits, as we will show in the next Entry. The official, for health reasons.

In Zaragoza, Belda had been received in the parish of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, already a deacon, on August 24, 2009, and this is shown in one of the entries of the parish blog, in a series that reviews events in the history of the community.

- En una próxima Entrada, el Rvdo. Octavio Sánchez opina sobre el cardenal, sobre el obispo Gordo, sobre Oriol T y los delitos sexuales de la Casa de Santiago entre otras cosas.
- El obispo se desdice y ordena que se celebren elecciones en Nuestro Padre Jesús de manera inmediata. Belda actúa de comisario conciliador  


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