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Priest's Double Life, Sex in Group, Spanish Church CoverCover-Up (3 of 5). 5 niches of abuse uncovered

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A 27-year-old priest, Rev. Vicente López-Brea, overseeing multiple parishes in Jaca, faces accusations of engaging in homosexual activities and deceit, despite negative evaluations and underage alcohol consumption. His controversial past was exposed by a journalist, who now faces legal repercussions for alleged homophobia. Church authorities seemingly ignored evidence contradicting López-Brea's priestly vocation, highlighting broader political and ethical issues within the Zaragoza Catholic Church.

As this scandal unfolds, it underscores the ongoing struggle between tradition and modern ethical standards within the church, raising significant questions about accountability and faith. The trial of October 2023 was posponed, but it promises to reveal more about this intricate case, when it takes place. This information you are reading was sent to law firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo during their 2023 investigation commissioned by the College of Bishops.

[This information was sent to law firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo during their 2023 investigation commissioned by the College of Bishops. Since then, López-Brea has escalated to prominent public positions with the influence of his bishop and the president of the Autonomous Region of Aragon. In a shift of circumstances, Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo has since supported López-Brea's career and now leads the persecution of the journalist, a subject that will be explored in Part 2 of Niche 3.]

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AUTHOR: JORDI PICAZO SALOMÓ, BA (Hons), MA, MCIJ, PGCE, a Member of The Chartered Institute of Journalists, UK. Member of the Il.lustre Col.legi de Periodistes de Catalunya. Member of the RNA (Religion News Association, US)



This article was first published on 14 June 2024.
1. Scandal: Priest's Double Life, Spanish Church Cover Up. Letter sent by team to the Bishop of the Dicoese, which he ignored
2.- Insightful Q&A that can help understand the magnitud of the scandal
3.- Three more posts will contain the following sections
4.- About This Series of 5 Posts by our Team Member Journalist Jordi Picazo
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1. Priest's Double Life, Sex in Group, Spanish Church CoverCover-Up Up. Letter sent by team to the Bishop of the Dicoese, which he ignored

Jacques Pintor


Bishop of Huesca-Jaca Mr. Julián Ruiz Martorell, Diocese of Huesca-Jaca

In Madrid, on September 15, 2021, Catholic feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows

Distinguished Mr. Julián Ruiz Martorell, Bishop of the Catholic Church for Huesca-Jaca,

I AM WRITING TO SHARE WITH YOU MY AMAZEMENT at the sad story of the now Rev. Vicente López-Brea, a story entwined with the tragedy of Zaragoza, which is the subject of my work as a registered journalist in Spain and internationally, in the Illustrious College of Journalists of Catalonia — one of the only eight professional colleges of journalists in Spain — with the number 15083, and in The Chartered Institute of Journalists of London, United Kingdom — the first professional college of journalists in the world — with the number 44399.

I say that the grave situation of López-Brea is intertwined with the tragedy of Zaragoza because of how his condition as a homosexual man was tolerated and celebrated, and shared by other priests in Zaragoza; or how the tragedy of Zaragoza originated ab initio from the sexual predation by a very beloved and adored homosexual priest by his parishioners, Amadeo Elcoso in the towns of Monzón and Barbastro. Elcoso's misdeeds were allegedly concealed by the bishops of Barbastro-Monzón at that time, one of whom is the author of the tragedy of Zaragoza, the now Cardinal Omella.

Elcoso was involved in the homosexual drift of the now ex-deacon Daniel Peruga, whom Elcoso sexually solicited. Jesús Gracia Losilla — rector of the Zaragoza Seminary in 2011 — is also involved in this tragedy, the ramifications of which include López-Brea, by admitting Daniel Peruga to the Zaragoza Seminary in September 2001, against the clear and forceful recommendations of the report from the Bidasoa ecclesiastical college in Pamplona, from where Daniel Peruga came. Monsignor Carlos Escribano himself had been a disciple of Amadeo Elcoso — Elcoso now lives with his boyfriend in Catalonia. Did Carlos Escribano know about his pastor's activities and not warn out of fear? Did he warn anybody and was ignored?

We will know when we ask him, if he answers our questions. For now, we know that Escribano is part of a shadowy "advisory" Commission, it is not known if to the Vatican or to the Pope's Nuncio in Spain regarding the lists of bishops for Spain. The Spanish press speaks of a Blocking Commission against the Nuncio, in the shadow of which, the Spanish press says, is German Arana. The fact is that Monsignor Escribano is part of a Commission with cardinal Omella that allegedly blocks and censors the Nuncio and prescribes the guidelines to follow for the candidates for bishop in Spain. This invites Escribano, we cannot deny it, presumably to a good-natured silence and a presumed servile obedience.

All this also caused great astonishment and scandal to the new rector at the Seminary of Zaragoza, the Reverend Alfonso Palos upon his arrival at the Seminary and discovering the Bidasoa report. You would have been warned by your colleagues that López-Brea was not fit to be ordained a priest, he is an active homosexual, and this leads to the thinking that given the same ingredients, the same results will be obtained that have ended with the unity within the Church of Aragon. It is a story that still cries out to heaven and demands explanations and responsibilities, no matter what, before the Spanish civil justice, and before the Vatican justice, too.

MY AMAZEMENT HAS INCREASED WHEN I LEARNED that López-Brea has denounced one of his ex-boyfriends MR, among the several he had, because he suspects that it was he who sent us a horrifying video in which, a few months after entering the Zaragoza Seminary, López-Brea mocked, while under the effects of alcohol, his own archbishop D Manuel Ureña-Pastor. A few days ago, we received the letter sent to you by MR about all these particulars, to which he has received no response in the 15 days since its sending.

NOT ONLY THAT, but upon my return from covering the International Eucharistic Congress held in Budapest these past days, I learned that López-Brea also denounces me for once again bringing to public attention another episode of a homosexual priest endangering the emotional and spiritual well-being of the dozens of communities entrusted to him by his bishop, this time Mr. Julián Ruiz Martorell, you. Certainly, in a possible trial, my lawyer will request your presence as a witness, as well as that of Monsignor Arregui, the Reverend Antonio Mas, and other priests, some of whom work in parishes while being openly homosexual and practicing homosexuality, as is presumably the case of the Reverend Enrique Ester.

ANOTHER "PERUGA CASE," the case of LÓPEZ-BREA's , similar to how the international press these days establishes the parallelism between Bishop Novell as "the Milingo case." Let us hope that López-Brea's does not become another Amadeo Elcoso case.

In this scandalous context is situated the video that reached our hands and that I mentioned above in which, shortly after being admitted to the Zaragoza Seminary, drunk at his 18th birthday party, Vicente López-Brea mocked by imitating the way of speaking of his archbishop D. Manuel Ureña, and using words like "I'm going to shit" "let us pray," putting these expressions in the mouth of Don Manuel Ureña 4 months before the prelate was crushed with slanders that were being forged precisely in those days by Germán Arana, Roberto Ferrer, Mari Carmen Amador, and the now cardinal Omella — all of them are, I repeat, all of them are, at this moment, with pending cases in the civil courts. I am sending this video to you by email to the address, through the contact form on the website, and to the Office for the Prevention of Abuse against minors of your diocese. Also situated in this context are the messages on the social network Tuenti, where we see the love messages between Mr. López Brea and his then-boyfriend MR. I enclose them for your information, in photographs and transcribed.

THE PERPETRATORS OF THESE SLANDERS AND THIS CRIME have had to face civil courts, Amador and Ferrer have been convicted on second instance for allegedly stealing money from the Diocese of Zaragoza and pending the Supreme Court; cardinal Omella himself is awaiting sentencing in the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, and Arana pending trial in a criminal lawsuit for various reasons including alleged slander and defamation against the Reverend Miguel Ángel Barco. I myself have received a criminal complaint from Ferrer and Amador for alleged slander and defamation, as well as for allegedly trying to defame them. They have done this probably to cover up their crime if they obtained a guilty verdict themselves.

in my case, the judge dismissed the complaint as irrelevant when it was proven that I spoke the truth and because of my professional journalist status, in addition to not showing any intention to attack their persons, but trying insteadto uncover and expose their misdeeds. Having nothing to lose, and surely with the intention of helping their partner German Arana in an upcoming trial if there is one and for similar reasons, they took their appeal to the Provincial Court. The judges again reaffirmed the arguments of the first instance judge and dismissed their appelation.

THE PURPOSE OF THESE LINES IS to respectfully present to you my alert about the López-Brea case, as previously done by priests of the church of Aragon, as well as the current rector of the Zaragoza Seminary Alfonso Palos, and by the Rev. Antonio Mas. All of them were ignored, López-Brea was ordained, and this implies a serious danger for the souls, not to mention the serious danger for López-Brea's own soul and the souls of those responsible for his ordination, many think it frivolous, starting with his bishop, you personally.

THIS CONSTITUTES A PERVERSE STORY, OF WHICH YOU ARE CLEARLY A FACILITATOR AGENT, according to qualified testimonies. Among these testimonies is the current rector of the Zaragoza seminary, the Reverend Alfonso Palos as I mentioned above, and the Catholic priest Antonio Más, once relevant in the Diocese of Zaragoza and sadly diminished precisely for his participation in a corruption plot that earned him a canonical sentence with penance included and has ended, sadly, being absolutely irrelevant in the torrent of life of his diocese, sunk in his purely intellectual studies without much relevance of service to the Diocese in which he is incardinated, although receiving a salary.

THUS, WHAT I PRESENT TO YOU HEREIN IS FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE who are in the hands of a man — López-Brea — who is clearly not prepared to work with minors, young women, and anyone who comes to the Catholic Church seeking closeness with God.

THE CLERIC DEPENDING ON YOU HAS SCHEMED WITH LIES — which we have been able to verify and show — although it was already common knowledge, the path he has taken, making it crystal clear that he is not prepared for this path if contrasted with the Law of the institution you represent; moreover, alarmed, numerous relevant members of the church of Aragon have reminded you of it, as we see. But the problem — because we must call it 'a problem'— does not end with this detail that in other circumstances could deserve an act of compassion and could be overlooked with the intention of getting things done better next time.

THE PROBLEM IS THAT THIS SITUATION ENDANGERS THE CONSCIENCES OF THE SOULS ALREADY ENTRUSTED TO HIM, by having taken that path and completed it by the hand of his welcoming bishop, you, monsignor. These souls will open their intimacy to López-Brea in the physical context of a one-square-meter confessional booth with the desire to draw closer to God, through the advice of a man who, without their knowledge, represses his homosexuality, hiding it in one way and living it in another, making it absolutely necessary to recruit capable people to help López-Brea with his own life as a human being. Here again, the Son of God could repeat, paraphrasing his testament phrase, "What father gives his son who asks for bread, a snake". The sad answer right now, without a doubt, is Julián Ruiz-Martorell's. God have mercy on your soul, monsignor. And on mine, and on all of us. On mine too if I keep silent. Each of us has been given talents (assets) by the God of the Universe that must be invested to yield interest, interests that will be measured in the end, and accounts will be settled over them, don't you think?

WE SEE THAT IN CONTRAST, OTHER DIOCESES HAVE TAKEN GREAT CARE in everything related to this type of relationship between pastoral agents and people seeking their advice and accompaniment. Thus, in the Diocese of Extremadura, as reflected in the Portal, on Friday, March 15, 2019,

"In another point, it is stated that "any sentimental relationship, consented or not, of an adult with minors will be an immediate cause for cessation of pastoral activity." In addition, all Church personnel and its volunteers must provide a negative certificate from the sexual offenses registry, a requirement that is not exclusive to the Church as the Junta of Extremadura also requires it from its teaching staff. "When a religious person comes from another diocese, they must present that certificate before working here. The mere fact of signing a commitment document rejecting such behavior can be a deterrent for people with these tendencies," says Torres."

AMONG THE SOULS PRESUMABLY IN CLEAR DANGER FOR SEEKING LÓPEZ-BREA'S HELP, are souls of young women in intimate interaction with a young homosexual priest, and until weeks before being ordained a priest given to festive sex in dens of lust like the "Men" club in Zaragoza, as shown in the documentation attached for your consideration. Also, souls of boys and girls, whom he will inevitably feel libidinous physical attraction towards as he comes from a history of sexual relationships that unleashed passions, relationships that were also shared later on social networks with his ex-boyfriend and other companions and friends among ONE ANOTHER, and sought beyond 2019 as per the information I offer you.

These people I list as being at risk due to their interaction with López-Brea, who must receive the formation of their consciences to prepare for the sacraments of Christian initiation, marriage, or courtship, and form their wills and intelligence to face the ordinary ascetic struggle of any human being of any creed seeking God. One of the strongest passions in puberty and adolescence, and also in adulthood, is to control the carnal passions unleashed by the sexual market displayed in daily advertising on screens and in the streets, shopping centers, and media, in our secularized society, which is detached from the values of the Christianity you supposedly represent.


LAW 26/2015, OF JULY 28, ON THE MODIFICATION OF THE CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE PROTECTION SYSTEM (BOE of the 29th) [NOT A LEGALLY BINDING TRANSLATION] , which modifies Organic Law 1/1996, of January 15, on the Legal Protection of Minors, on the partial modification of the Civil Code and the Law of Civil Procedure, adds, among others, a new section to Article 13:

"5. It shall be a requirement for access to and exercise of professions, trades, and activities involving habitual contact with minors, not to have been convicted by a final judgment for any crime against sexual freedom and indemnity, which includes sexual assault and abuse, sexual harassment, exhibitionism and sexual provocation, prostitution, and sexual exploitation and corruption of minors, as well as trafficking in human beings. To this end, those who intend to access such professions, trades, or activities must provide this circumstance through the provision of a negative certificate from the Central Register of Sex Offenders." Law 26/2015, of July 28, on the modification of the childhood and adolescence protection system

And we read in El País in its edition of Madrid - October 3, 2018 - 21:23 CEST to work with minors, "Teachers, cafeteria monitors, sports coaches, but also NGO workers, priests, or film industry personnel. Anyone engaged in an activity involving habitual contact with minors has been required since the last two years to have a certificate proving they have no criminal record for sexual offenses, whether committed against adults or children,"

WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SCHIZOPHRENIC BEHAVIORS, and these are among "the 15 diseases of the curia" that your superior, Pope Francis, puts on the table for consideration by the responsible of the Vatican administration, and I quote:

FROM POPE FRANCIS DIRECTLY: On December 22, 2014, Francis launched this blunt statement in a solemn mass celebrated in the Vatican before the cardinals and bishops gathered to congratulate him on Christmas, putting them on guard by reviewing the fifteen "diseases" of the Roman curia, among which he mentioned "spiritual Alzheimer's" and "existential schizophrenia."

6 – "The disease of spiritual Alzheimer: That is, forgetting the 'history of salvation' the personal history with the Lord, the 'first love.' It is a progressive decline of spiritual faculties... We see it in those who have lost the memory of their encounter with the Lord... in those who build walls around themselves and become, increasingly, slaves to the customs and idols they have sculpted with their own hands."

8 – "The disease of existential schizophrenia: It is the disease of those who live a double life, the result of the hypocrisy typical of the mediocre and the progressive spiritual emptiness that neither degrees nor academic titles can fill. They create their own parallel world, where they set aside everything they teach with severity to others and begin to live a hidden and often dissolute life." But Pope Francis adds to that, unlike what you allegedly reply to those who were alarmed and had the obligation to let you know about López-Brea — "the important thing is the present, I do not judge the past"—.

"The cure is also the result of the awareness of the disease, and of a personal and communitary decision to heal by patiently and perseveringly enduring the cure" (Presentation of Christmas greetings from the Roman curia, Discourse of the Holy Father Francis, Clementine Hall, Monday, December 22, 2014).

FROM THE FAMOUS BOOK BY FREDERIC MARTEL: "The Holy Father launched the attack in a solemn mass celebrated in the Vatican on December 22, 2014, a little over a year after his election. That day, before the cardinals and bishops gathered to congratulate him on Christmas, Francis went on the offensive: he reviewed the fifteen "diseases" of the Roman curia, among which he mentioned "spiritual Alzheimer's" and "existential schizophrenia." Martel, Frédéric. Sodoma en español (pp. 74-75). Roca Editorial de Libros. Kindle Edition.



The Rev. Vicente López Brea has acted with concealment, avoiding problems for his ordination by changing seminaries twice and, in total, passing through three. He has been elusive, especially with his first archbishop Don Manuel Ureña in Zaragoza. In an edition of March 18, 2018, of "Iglesia de Aragón," López Brea, not yet a deacon, made certain statements about his life and his relationship with the Diocese of Zaragoza, which he later denied in a conversation with me in the chat of our investigation website.

It is notorious that López Brea's wishes and advice in his witness in the church magazine clash with the facts we have narrated, endangering the unity of the Aragonese dioceses and the souls in his care. These facts are part of a complicated political context in the Catholic Church of Zaragoza, intensified by power attitudes of figures like Cardinal Omella and Jesuit Arana, culminating in the departure of his archbishop, Manuel Ureña Pastor. This situation has been exhaustively documented in our three books, totaling nearly 1,000 pages and containing verifiable documents.

It is possible that people like Don Julián (that is you), like D. Vicente Jiménez, are afraid to face those who drive these accusations, renouncing their commitment to clarify the truth. For example, it has been said that archbishop Manuel Ureña was expelled for bribing a deacon, Daniel Peruga, when in fact this deacon had asked the Pope to be granted permission to leave his ministry to form a family. In fact, we have an audio-confession from the former judicial vicar Roberto Ferrer, revealing details about the pressures on Ureña regarding payments to Peruga.

There is likely fear of facing the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith when the entire situation is discovered. We will cite Fernando Arregui, Alfonso Palos, and other priests who have personally known López-Brea for years, in a possible trial, hoping that the truth will come to light, as dictated by the maxim: "the truth will set you free."

This weekend, the Pallium will be delivered to Archbishop Carlos Escribano in Zaragoza. It would be regrettable if this event took place without the aforementioned situation being resolved.

HERE IS THE TESTIMONY OF LÓPEZ-BREA IN IGLESIA DE ARAGÓN. In bold the statements he later denies in his conversation with me, the responsible for the website where the investigation is uploaded, before being published in the Spanish press and in book format. This conversation ceased to be private when used by López-Brea to file a complaint, and we can therefore offer it attached to this letter.

"My name is Vicente Jesús López-Brea Urbán. I was born in Zaragoza on April 26, 1995. I attended ESO at the Carmelitas de Verdruna. There I became linked to the parish of Santa Engracia. I studied Bachillerato at the Miguel Servet institute and then entered the Metropolitan Seminary of Zaragoza.

Regarding my vocation, I highlight three fundamental milestones: Firstly, the Christian education of my parents, who have also accompanied me during my youth. On numerous occasions, they have acted as pedagogues of the faith from their secular sensitivity, correcting, encouraging, accompanying...

Secondly, the parish of Santa Engracia in Zaragoza: Here I received the sacraments of Christian initiation. I also participated for several years in the parish choir. The experience as an altar server was fundamental in my vocation because it allowed me to be very close to priests who have been fundamental in my vocational awakening.

Thirdly, the diocese of Jaca. My connection to Jaca is due to my father's assignment to the Military Mountain School for many years, my mother vacationing in Jaca, and they met here. And since we have an apartment, since I was born I have spent my life between Jaca and Zaragoza, here almost every weekend and vacation periods. While in Zaragoza I shared my vocational concern with the priests of the Parish of Santa Engracia, I also did so with the Rector of the Seminary and friend, Don Marino Sevilla. In short, Jaca has always been part of my history and that of my family: Don Marino always opened the doors for me to enter the Seminary of Jaca. However, it was not possible at first since I had entered the Metropolitan Seminary of Zaragoza with a view to joining the next Castrense Seminary of Spain, where I spent three years. God disposed that being a military chaplain was not my vocation, and after praying about it and discussing it with my spiritual director, I applied for admission to the diocese, and the Bishop accepted.

My life in the seminary on an ordinary day is as follows: At 6:38 I get up, from 7:10 to 8:30 I pray the lauds and personal prayer, from 9 to 13 h. classes at the Ecclesiastical University of San Dámaso, from 13 to 14:15 personal work, from 15 to 15:50 coffee in the hall of my seminary community, at 15:50 prayer of the intermediate hour, from 16 to 19:30 personal study, from 20 to 21:15 Holy Mass and Vespers and from 21:15 onwards, dinner, night prayers, and rest.

Two days a week I have classes in the afternoon. On Thursday afternoons we have seminary formation. Friday afternoon is my pastoral day, which is complemented by Sunday morning until lunchtime. On Saturday nights the seminary shows a movie for those who want to attend. Sunday afternoon is free time for the seminarians.

I thank the priests for so many years of personal dedication, silent, humble, sincere, and ardent pastoral charity. In a century marked by post-Christian secularism, where the exculturation of Christianity is already clear, in addition to a clear aversion to the Gospel, which turns into some violence against the Catholic religion, I ask for strong priestly communion. The internal coherence of Christian life lived by the pastors is necessary first of all. Be holy! The world lacks leaders who lead them on the paths of a holy life. Let us live the coherence of the Gospel, let us not take our conversion or that of the recipients for granted. In this way, an authentic renewed missionary spirit capable of penetrating all dimensions of the human heart with the Gospel will emerge. Trust in prayer. Only God will show us what the signs of the times need, because He is Lord. Let us not change God's will for our worldly organizational schemes that denaturalize the Gospel. Show true leadership by bringing the word of God, which has its own strength, where the Lord shows you in prayer. The best way to verify it is that God's will be manifested if it is in communion with the bishop and the presbytery; otherwise, it will be clericalism. To the religious, I say that in a continuously changing world, religious life bursts into history as a sign of eternity. What a delight every time I eat at the Benedictine monastery and think of monasteries as places that have preserved culture and God's presence in the world. Now both are questioned by society. Persevere in your prayer and living the evangelical counsels, because it is the true life for the world. To the laity, I speak as a fellow Christian like you. I apologize in advance for any human shortcomings I may have. If God wills, I will be called by the bishop to the order of deacons and then to the presbyters. Therefore, I cannot refrain from expressing the great joy it brings me to think of being ordained a priest. I earnestly ask you to pray for me, for the Bishop, and for the priests, so that we may be pastors according to the heart of Christ. Courage, especially to the young, to pray. Make silence before the tabernacle. God has something to say to you. Won't you listen? Think that Jesus is like a "beggar" at the door and knocks. Only if you pray will you discover your vocation. Life will always generate doubts. We all experience the existential anguish of our own fears, indecisions, we fall prey to our rationalist prejudices."

THE LAST AND FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION, monsignor, is whether Vicente Jesús López-Brea presented — before being assigned by you to the care of minors who are part of the multiple parish communities — the negative certificate required by Spanish law for crimes related to sexual abuse. I ask you this as a journalist and you can kindly respond to my email or to the postal address on the letterhead of this letter.

Without further ado, and with my best wishes for success in your management of the diocese entrusted to you by Pope Francis, and in your personal life,

Receive my warm regards,


Jacques Pintor, registered journalist

P.S.: c/c to the Commission of the diocese regarding sexual abuse


DOCS. 1 to 8: WhatsApp conversation about sexual relations between López-Brea and one of the participants, Charlie. The other interlocutor is an ex-boyfriend of López-Brea. Summer 2014

DOCS. 9 and 10: Certified letter sent by MR to Mr. Julián Ruiz Martorell on September 3, 2021, and receipt of sending

DOCS. 11 to 13: Article-Testimony of Mr. Vicente López-Brea in Iglesia de Aragón, plus the photo in the article, and another photo newly ordained as a deacon. It shows López-Brea's sad face in a presumably state of disengagement from what is happening to him, when it is the most important moment of his life, and which we want to relate to one of the 15 diseases of the curia denounced by Pope Francis: "12. The evil of the funeral face. That is, those rough and gloomy people who believe that to be serious, it is necessary to smear their face with melancholy, severity, and treat others – especially those they consider inferior – with rigidity, harshness, and arrogance. In reality, theatrical severity and sterile pessimism are often symptoms of fear and insecurity. The apostle must strive to be a well-educated, serene, enthusiastic, and joyful person who radiates and spreads joy to those around him: it is noticeable at first sight. Let us not lose, therefore, that cheerful spirit, full of humor, and even self-ironic, which makes us pleasant people, even in difficult situations. How much good does a good dose of humor! It will do us good to often recite the prayer of Saint Thomas More: I pray it every day, it does me good."

DOCS. 14 AND 15: Transcript of the chat where López-Brea and his then-boyfriend send love messages, and photo of that chat on the Internet

DOC. 16: ENTRY IN THE OFFICIAL STATE BULLETIN, on negative certificates related to sexual offenses for all those working with minors

DOC. 17: Conversation that ceased to be private when López-Brea used it to file a complaint against his ex-boyfriend. Participants include López-Brea and journalist Jacques Pintor

2.- Insightful Q&A that can help understand the magnitud of the scandal

Q1: Who is the central figure in this story?

A1: The central figure is Rev. Vicente López-Brea, a 27-year-old priest from Zaragoza who oversees over 15 parishes in the Jaca region and has a controversial past involving frequenting a gay sex club and consuming alcohol as a minor.

Q2: What are the main accusations against Rev. Vicente López-Brea?

A2: He is accused of engaging in homosexual activities, lying about his behavior, and deceiving his superiors. Despite negative evaluations, he was ordained and now works with children, which raises concerns about his suitability for the role.

Q3: How did López-Brea's controversial past come to light?

A3: The controversy arose from a journalist's investigation that uncovered López-Brea's frequent visits to a gay sex club since he was 17, even before entering the seminary. This journalist is now facing legal repercussions for allegedly homophobic content.

Q4: What legal actions have been taken against the journalist?

A4: The journalist, who revealed López-Brea's past, has been sued for homophobia. The legal process has lasted over 15 months, with demands to remove web entries about López-Brea and facing potential imprisonment, a significant fine, and frozen bank accounts.

Q5: How have the church authorities responded to these allegations?

A5: Church authorities, including the bishop who ordained López-Brea, have seemingly ignored evidence of his behavior that contradicts his priestly vocation. There are implications of broader political issues within the Zaragoza Catholic Church.

Q6: What broader issues does this case highlight within the church?

A6: The case sheds light on alleged financial improprieties and power dynamics involving prominent church figures like Cardinal Omella and Jesuit Arana, alongside fears within the church to confront these issues.

Q7: What are the potential consequences for the church if these issues are not addressed?

A7: There is a call for these concerns to be addressed before significant church events, such as the upcoming conferral of the "Palio" to Archbishop Carlos Escribano in Zaragoza. Failure to do so could undermine the church's credibility and authority.

Q8: What are the next steps in the legal process involving the journalist and López-Brea?

A8: The trial is set for October 2023 in Huesca. Preliminary hearings have already seen the attendance of López-Brea's ex-boyfriend, who is also being sued. The journalist intends to call several church officials as witnesses to reveal the truth.

Q9: How does this story fit into the larger context of the Catholic Church's struggles with similar issues?

A9: This case is part of a broader pattern of controversies within the Catholic Church involving sexual misconduct and the subsequent handling of such cases by church authorities. It highlights the ongoing tension between maintaining church traditions and addressing modern ethical standards.

Updates to this report can be pursued through its author at 

3.- Three more posts will contain the following sections

Updates to this report can be pursued through its author at 

Niches #4 and #5 to follow this Post.








4.- About This Series of 5 Posts by our Team Member Journalist Jordi Picazo

On July 7th, I submitted a dossier to the Cremades - Calvo-Sotelo law firm, which I have titled "Five Nests of Crimes Related to Sexual Freedom and Integrity, as well as Evidence Pointing to Those Who Conceal Them." This compilation synthesizes my investigative work since 2019 on five cases that directly and markedly implicate Cardinal Juan José Omella. It's essential to note that the primary concealers of these crimes are Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona, Juan José Omella, and his predecessor cardinals. Among them, the only living one is the emeritus Cardinal Lluís Martínez Sistach, who, according to public sources and based on a study by Professor Rodríguez, is the utmost responsible party in this context. Also implicated in this veil of concealment is Monsignor Jordi Bertomeu, the Pope's delegate for pedophilia investigations, notably in Chile and recently in Peru.

It should be underscored that this situation doesn't astonish us. As I've reiterated on multiple occasions, "El País" newspaper includes these individuals in its list of concealers, both in an article published on its website and in a report personally delivered to Pope Francis at the Vatican by a reporter from the mentioned outlet. According to this information, Cardinal Omella himself is on that list. This information leads us to the unavoidable conclusion that, even though the current Pope is aware of the situation, no action has been taken. Within this context, it is particularly alarming that Omella continues to be Pope Francis's delegate in Spain, tasked with addressing this severe issue.

My aim isn't to be insular but the very opposite: to contribute, within my means, to thorough investigation. I aim to surpass the apparent hypocrisy of those who have entrusted this task to the Firm, suspecting that, swayed by certain sectarian interests, they might want to limit the investigation, especially due to media pressure from platforms like "Religión Digital." I provide in the webography section an extensive list of articles from "Religión Digital" attacking the Cremades - Calvo Sotelo Firm in a grotesque manner.

I'd like to emphasize that my work isn't a mere whim, as I face three trials in October. I've been sued by a young priest, involved in activities contradictory to his ordination and linked to the regular practice of wild sex, contemporaneously to his actions to enter the seminary, in gay sex exchange dens. I identify these with names, addresses, and social networks where information was exchanged post these acts. In this document, I discuss it and reproduce letters sent to the Nuncio, his bishop, and the Aragón abuse prevention office, since, ordained less than five years ago, he is in charge of children from 15 parishes in the Jaca region. There has been no response.

Despite my warnings and complaints to ecclesiastical authorities, including the Nuncio and the bishop, no action has been taken. My accounts have been precautionarily embargoed, and severe penalties have been proposed for alleged damages caused. Meanwhile, the priest in question continues to perform numerous ecclesiastical and public functions. I respect and adhere to the ethical codes of my profession; he, on the other hand, seems to have breached the Catholic Church's private regulations.

Despite the prosecutor's view that sees my actions as highlighting the Church's double standards without committing a crime, the judiciary has been less lenient. My professional, social, and family life has been adversely impacted, and my family's safety jeopardized. However, I remain steadfast in my desire to defend parents' rights to educate their children, the rights of the Catholic Church, and the integrity of my profession.

This document is thorough, and its table of contents is crucial to facilitate its reading. Its purpose is to highlight certain actions by Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona, Juan José Omella, which could be subject to both civil and canonical complaints. My interest isn't derived from personal feelings towards the cardinal but a natural response to actions that harm individuals' life and integrity. I don't intend for this document to be interpreted as a formal complaint but rather as a means to shed light on what remains hidden. The ultimate goal is to thoroughly investigate these areas and determine any criminal responsibility of Cardinal Omella. While some lawyers might see these efforts as futile, I insist on the importance of unveiling the truth and demanding justice.

Jordi Picazo, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, MCIJ

To be continued. 

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